Rishi Sunak meets the WAGs

Rishi Sunak met a group of WAGs helping to combat loneliness.

The WAGs were the Welbury Ageing Gentlemen who meet once a month for conversation and companionship.

The Richmond MP joined the group for a pub lunch in the Duke of Wellington at Welbury, near Northallerton.

He said: “It was hugely enjoyable to join the WAGs and to get their views on a host of current issues. Inevitably, the B (Brexit) word came up a bit!”

Mr Sunak added: “The group may be informal but it plays a very welcome role in bringing together individuals who might otherwise be lonely.”

Organiser Peter Walker said the WAGs had formed last summer when he became aware of a number of villagers who through family circumstances or illness were at risk of becoming isolated.

“We wanted to provide an opportunity for this age group to get together on a regular basis in convivial surroundings. It is very informal and relaxed.”

He said the group – which typically numbered 15-20 - met on the first Friday of the month at 12.30pm in the Duke of Wellington pub in Welbury and anyone who fitted the description of an “ageing gentleman” from Welbury and the surrounding villages was very welcome.

More information from Mr Walker on 01609 882947/07910 821286 or via peterwalker115@btinternet.com.