Rishi Sunak urges constituents to get free flu jab

RICHMOND MP Rishi Sunak has urged eligible constituents to ensure they have a flu jab this winter.

With winter looming, the free vaccinations are available at community pharmacies to those who qualify – the over 65s, pregnant women, and people with certain health conditions such as asthma and diabetes

This year, community pharmacy teams across England are offering NHS flu jabs as part of the national pharmacy flu vaccination service. In North Yorkshire, community pharmacies have started to offer the service.

Mr Sunak (Richmond) called in to Boots Pharmacy in Stokesley, to have his own flu jab – which he paid for – and to hear how this year’s vaccination campaign is going.

This service aims to make it easier than ever to get a flu jab and increase the number of at risk people across the country being protected from ill health over the winter months.

Mr Sunak said: “This is an excellent, accessible community pharmacy NHS service and I would urge all my constituents who are eligible for a free flu jab to ensure they have one.

“As winter draws nearer, many people will suffer with ill health, especially those aged 65 and over and adults with certain medical conditions, and they can benefit from the NHS flu vaccination service.

“The scheme will also help protect people from health complications through the winter months.”

Jenny Graham, Boots Area Manager, said: “We’ve been supporting the health of the local community in Stokesley for many years. It’s a great opportunity for those more ‘at risk’ groups to have their vaccination and protect themselves during the winter months.

All adults aged 65 years and over, and those aged 18 years or over and in clinical risk groups, can receive a free of charge NHS flu jab at community pharmacies across the country. People in at-risk groups include pregnant women and those with certain medical conditions including asthma and diabetes. Details of the at-risk groups can be found here https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/who-should-have-flu-vaccine/

Pharmacists will be using the same vaccination as those offered by GPs and they notify the person’s GP practice when they have vaccinated them.