What Issues Do Local Abattoirs Face?

In some respects we are very aware of where our food comes from as we see sheep and cows every time we drive anywhere in the area. But abattoirs are also a crucial part of the supply chain getting food on to our plates at home. Having spent a lot of time with farmers it was good to understand more about what happens after animals are sent to slaughter and the issues abattoirs face. 

I went to meet Lindsey and Martin McIntyre who own and run McIntyre Meats. 

We discussed the burdensome regulation around tagging and record keeping that seemed of questionable value. There are also lamb slaughter preparation requirements that were put in place during the BSE crisis that now seem outdated and unconnected to the risk they are trying to manage. 

I was also excited to learn about the McIntyre’s growing new business of gourmet mobile catering out of their trailer, the Burger Queen. Look out for it at events across the Dales.