D&S column: pre-school excellence at Osmotherley

I found the huge bin of old-style milk bottle tops quite irresistible and I plunged my hand deep into the silvery pile of crinkly foil.

It made a very satisfying noise and reminded me of the days when everybody had milk delivered to their doorsteps in glass bottles with tops like this.

Rishi Sunak opens Scruton Village fete

Rishi Sunak opened a record-breaking Scruton Village Fete.

Despite variable weather, the annual event raised more than £6,000. - its biggest total ever.

The sum included match-funding from Barclays Bank.

Bedale High School pupils quiz Rishi Sunak

Keen pupils at Bedale High School put their local MP on the spot.

A Year 9 citizenship class had a wide range of questions for Rishi Sunak, the MP for Richmond.