Setting Up On Northallerton High Street

Meeting people is the only way to really learn about all the issues that concern the community. So on Saturday, I took my place alongside dozens of market traders and set up a street stall in front of Northallerton Town Hall.

Northdale Horticulture – helping people through work

I came to see the work of a wonderful charity today. Northdale Horticulture provides training and work-based activities for adults with learning disabilities across the Hambleton and Richmondshire districts of North Yorkshire.

The Importance of Good Teaching

When I was studying at Stanford University in America I came across a leading professor of education called Erik Hanushek. Professor Hanushek has done work for the OECD illustrating that the single more important factor in determining a child’s success at school is having a good teacher. Good teaching is more important than things like smaller class sizes, advanced curriculum, or who runs the school.

Supporting Local Businesses in Northallerton

Today I spent time meeting with various Northallerton businesses like Allerton Steel and Barkers department store. Supporting small companies and maintaining thriving market towns are priorities for me. 

Apprenticeships Are A Pathway to Success

The Conservative-led Government has radically improved Apprenticeships so they are now a well-paid, high-quality path to skilled employment. This government has created 1.6m new apprenticeships, double the number under the last Labour administration.

Watching the Fire Service in Action

I saw first-hand how remarkable the Fire & Rescue Service can be.  The evening before they staffed the Bonfire Night entirely through volunteers which is a testament to their community spirit. 

Bonfire Night In Northallerton

I had a great evening at Northallerton’s Bonfire Night and Fireworks display. It was a good opportunity to speak to a lot of people from the local community and enjoy a night out together.

Speaking with Farmers at Northallerton Auction Mart

A great morning at the Auction Mart. I got to test out my knowledge of liveweight and deadweight, fat stock, store stock and cull cows, and was even given a quick test on identifying different breeds!

A Bright Future for the Friarage Hospital

I know how important the Friarage hospital is to everyone in the constituency so I wanted to visit the team there as soon as possible. I grew up in an NHS household and also have two young children, so I know first-hand how vital good quality, convenient healthcare is to a local community.