Apprenticeships Are A Pathway to Success

The Conservative-led Government has radically improved Apprenticeships so they are now a well-paid, high-quality path to skilled employment. This government has created 1.6m new apprenticeships, double the number under the last Labour administration.

Watching the Fire Service in Action

I saw first-hand how remarkable the Fire & Rescue Service can be.  The evening before they staffed the Bonfire Night entirely through volunteers which is a testament to their community spirit. 

Bonfire Night In Northallerton

I had a great evening at Northallerton’s Bonfire Night and Fireworks display. It was a good opportunity to speak to a lot of people from the local community and enjoy a night out together.

Speaking with Farmers at Northallerton Auction Mart

A great morning at the Auction Mart. I got to test out my knowledge of liveweight and deadweight, fat stock, store stock and cull cows, and was even given a quick test on identifying different breeds!

A Bright Future for the Friarage Hospital

I know how important the Friarage hospital is to everyone in the constituency so I wanted to visit the team there as soon as possible. I grew up in an NHS household and also have two young children, so I know first-hand how vital good quality, convenient healthcare is to a local community.

Broadband: Connecting Everyone

Ensuring high quality broadband reaches every corner of our constituency is a key priority for me. Farmers need to access livestock movement reports online, grandparents want to see their grandkids on Skype and small rural businesses should be able to sell all over the world.

Inspired by Captain Cook

Early Wednesday morning I headed to Great Ayton for Captain Cook Day. The great British cartographer and adventurer James Cook spent his early years in Airey Farm, just outside the town, and so each year residents have a day of celebration on his birthday.