Better Mobile and Broadband

Ensuring high quality broadband reaches every corner of the constituency is a key priority for me. It is also vital that we can reliably use our mobile phones everywhere we go.

I will work with all relevant authorities, press the mobile phone companies and BT,  for the funds we need to ensure this becomes a reality as soon as possible. I will also make the case for National Roaming - this will allow us to switch seamlessly to the best phone network whenever we're in an area with poor mobile coverage.

Connectivity is essential. Farmers need to access livestock movement reports online, grandparents want to see their grandkids on Skype, rural businesses should be able to export all over the world, we must be able to call an ambulance wherever an accident happens, and everybody wants to stay informed. 

My time spent studying and working in Silicon Valley showed me how powerful technology can be in transforming our lives for the better. It is important that everybody, in every part of the constituency, benefits from these new opportunities.