My Plan

  • Better Mobile and Broadband

    Ensuring high quality broadband reaches every corner of the constituency is a key priority for me. It is also vital that we can reliably use our mobile phones everywhere we go.I will work with all relevant authorities, press the mobile phone companies and BT, and fight for the funds we need to ensure this becomes a reality as soon as possible. I will also fight for National Roaming - this will allow us to switch seamlessly to the best phone network whenever we're in an area with poor mobile coverage.

  • Championing Skills + Schools

    My grandparents grew up with very little. Two generations on, I have the incredible privilege of standing for Parliament.  That journey only happened because I had a great education that transformed my life.I am passionate about ensuring that everybody, no matter what their background, has access to a world-class education. It is the single best way we can spread opportunity to all, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Backing Local Businesses

    Small and medium size businesses are the lifeblood of North Yorkshire’s economy. Most of us are employed in small enterprises, rather than large multinationals. Small companies are also an important part of our local communities.

  • Standing up for Farmers

    Farming is vital to our rural economy and communities. From the Upper Dales to Great Ayton, from sheep to dairy to arable, through Auction Marts at Hawes, Leyburn and Northallerton, farming touches every part of the constituency. Through visiting farms and auction marts and speaking with dozens of farmers, I have worked especially hard to understand the issues facing the farming community today.

  • Supporting the Friarage Hospital

    Community healthcare is in my blood. I grew up in a NHS household – my dad was a GP and my mum a local chemist. And as someone with two very young children, I have recently experienced the joy and anxiety of childbirth, and know exactly what it feels like to rush my daughter to a hospital emergency department in the middle of the night.