Bring the Red Arrows to RAF Leeming

I am fighting to bring the Red Arrows aerobatic display team to RAF Leeming.

The pride of the RAF has to find a new home after the closure of RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire and I think our local base would make the ideal location.

Make the Coast to Coast Walk a National Trail

I am working to boost the fortunes of one of the most popular long distance walks in the UK which runs through the heart of the Richmond constituency.The Coast to Coast Walk, which runs for 190 miles across the North of England, is widely recognised as one of the most scenic and beautiful walks in the world but has no official status.

Simplify lamb slaughter rules

I have launched a campaign to change the rules about the way lambs are handled after being sold for slaughter.I am fighting for a change in the regulations about when a lamb carcass has to be split and the spinal column and other matter removed in the slaughter process.The current regulations were introduced by the EU from 2000 in the wake of the BSE (also known as mad cow disease) crisis affecting cattle 25 years ago. The decision was triggered by fears that BSE could spread to sheep.

More apprenticeships for young people

I want to increase the number of apprenticeships in North Yorkshire.And if successful, my new North Yorks Apprenticeships scheme could become a blueprint for the rest of the UK.A pilot project is being launched with secondary schools, colleges, councils and employers to boost the image of the existing apprenticeship scheme which combines work with formal learning.

Better broadband for all

My campaign to connect residents and businesses in the remotest parts of the constituency to superfast broadband has been successful. I welcome a Government initiative which will pay for a high speed connection for those homes and businesses out of reach of the existing broadband network. 

Fairer school funding campaign victory

I WELCOME the Chancellor’s announcement that funding arrangements that discriminated against our schools are to be scrapped.George Osborne’s decision to introduce a fairer funding formula rights a longstanding injustice that meant many rural schools received hundreds of pounds less per pupil than schools in urban areas.This is really good news for schools in North Yorkshire and in other rural parts of the UK who for years received substantially less money than schools in rural areas.

My ten-point plan to help dairy farmers

DAIRY farmers are really struggling with low milk prices - in some cases they are receiving less than it costs to produce the milk. Clearly, that's not sustainableSitting on the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee has given me the ideal opportunity to investigate this issue - and come up with a plan