Championing Skills + Schools

My grandparents grew up with very little. Two generations on, I am privileged to be your Member of Parliament.  That journey only happened because I had a great education that transformed my life.

I am passionate about ensuring that everybody, no matter what their background, has access to a world-class education. It is the single best way we can spread opportunity to all, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our children must be able to compete with the best and brightest from around the world. I will push for rigorous standards, excellent and fairly paid teachers, proper funding of rural schools, genuine choice for parents, and local accountability – these are all ingredients for success. 

It is also vital that school-leavers can choose from high-quality Apprenticeships. I am a strong advocate of increasing Apprenticeships – they provide a path to a skilled job for many young people. The best Apprenticeships are rigorous, provide value to both employer and apprentice, and combine relevant academic qualifications with on-the-job training.