D&S column: a turning point for the Friarage Hospital

All of us who have fought hard for the best possible range of services at the Friarage Hospital in Northallerton will be delighted by the decision of local health chiefs to maintain the 24/7 opening hours of the hospital’s urgent treatment centre (UTC).

D&S column: the community pulls together

It has been hugely reassuring and gratifying to hear about the way people in North Yorkshire have responded so magnificently in this Coronavirus national emergency.

D&S column: together we will beat this virus

Unprecedented and life-changing – that’s the scale of the challenge the nation faces.

But however daunting the immediate prospect is I want you all to know we will get through it.

Two principles have driven the Government’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

D&S column: congratulations to the Catterick Military WAGS Choir

I love going to the movies but as you might imagine I don’t have much leisure time at present.

But once I have delivered the Budget next week, I’m looking forward to catching up - and one new release I am particularly looking forward to seeing is Military Wives.

D&S column: a great future ahead for Northallerton School

I always find it hugely gratifying to come across people from our area who are making a mark in their chosen career.

It demonstrates to me that there is no shortage of ambition, hard work and creativity among our young people.

D&S column: anxious times in the Dales

There were some anxious moments last Sunday as Storm Ciara swept across the country.

As I kept in touch with what was happening via our emergency services I couldn’t help but think: were we set for a repeat of the flash-flooding which hit the Dales last summer?

D&S column: church becomes thriving community hub

Many of our churches face challenging times with attendance at traditional services gradually falling. But it has been good to see how many locally are rising to that challenge in adapting what they do and what they offer communities.