Skills and Schools

Visiting Richmond School

A quick tour around Richmond School this morning. The school has very good facilities, having been the beneficiary of a £32m investment from the Department of Education a few years ago.

The Importance of Good Teaching

When I was studying at Stanford University in America I came across a leading professor of education called Erik Hanushek. Professor Hanushek has done work for the OECD illustrating that the single more important factor in determining a child’s success at school is having a good teacher. Good teaching is more important than things like smaller class sizes, advanced curriculum, or who runs the school.

Apprenticeships Are A Pathway to Success

The Conservative-led Government has radically improved Apprenticeships so they are now a well-paid, high-quality path to skilled employment. This government has created 1.6m new apprenticeships, double the number under the last Labour administration.