Helping older people live well in later life

‘We’re all getting older’ is one of those statements-of-the-blindingly-obvious we tend to use in a whimsical moment.

But, it is even truer than we might think. Because the UK population as a whole is ageing.

D&S column: the future of our High Streets

The future of Britain’s High Streets has never been far from the headlines this summer. 

Some famous retailers like Marks and Spencer and House of Fraser have announced store closures and this week another national brand – Homebase – set in train a further contraction. 

D&S column: real progress in tackling the housing crisis

Like many readers, the day I took possession of the keys to my first home was one of the most memorable. 

Along with going to starting my first job, getting married and becoming a father for the first time, it’s right up there as one of those rites of passage in the journey of life. 

D&S column: the lessons of this summer's moor fires

One of the abiding images of this long, hot, record-breaking summer will be the wildfires which devastated huge swathes of the landscape above Manchester and Bolton.

The fires consumed thousands of acres of precious heather moorland, the distinctive feature of our Northern Uplands.