D&S column: my first week as a Minister

The call from Number 10 came at two o’clock last Tuesday afternoon. Would I be available to meet the Prime Minister in half an hour?

With no inkling of what exactly might happen at that point, I set off to walk from my Westminster office across Whitehall to Downing Street.

D&S column: a good education is the greatest gift

WORKING as your constituency MP, I have spent more time in our local schools than anywhere else.

That’s because I believe a good education is the most precious thing we can give our children.

D&S column: a threat we must take seriously

On Christmas Day, while we were opening presents, tucking into our festive fare and generally enjoying the holiday, a strange journey was underway off Yorkshire's coast.

D&S column: The Budget balancing act

WITH the benefit of a week to consider the Budget, I think the Chancellor did a good job in balancing two objectives: bringing down the deficit while investing in the UK economy.

D&S column: broadband roll-out continues

The seventy or so souls who live in the hamlet of Ellerton-on-Swale would never consider themselves as living in a particularly remote part of North Yorkshire.