D&S column: The Budget balancing act

WITH the benefit of a week to consider the Budget, I think the Chancellor did a good job in balancing two objectives: bringing down the deficit while investing in the UK economy.

D&S column: broadband roll-out continues

The seventy or so souls who live in the hamlet of Ellerton-on-Swale would never consider themselves as living in a particularly remote part of North Yorkshire.

D&S column: tackling energy costs

THIS week’s first frost is a sharp reminder that the cold of winter is on its way along with the annual battle to keep our energy costs under control.

D&S column: some better health news

WE have had some good news about local health services recently which given the current staffing challenges at the Friarage Hospital should rightly be celebrated.

D&S column: internet safety and fair broadband deals

IT’S a modern-day truism that the internet has revolutionised our lives. Nothing has changed the way we live more than a technology invented by a Briton – Sir Tim Berners-Lee – just 27 years ago.